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Pronouns: she/her

Tiara Andress
Director of Manufacturing

Chef Tiara Andress hails from Mississippi, but she has crafted unique culinary and educational experiences all over the country. She aspires to share the power of culinary arts through a lens of cultural celebration, appreciation, and respect- empowering her students to express their personal culinary heritage in the classroom and the kitchen. As an undergraduate student studying Culinary Arts along with Food Art and Food Journalism at Mississippi University for Women Culinary Art Institute in Columbus Mississippi, Chef Tiara discovered her passion for teaching and her desire to share the magic of the culinary world with diners and students alike. She pursued a master degree in Food Studies with a concentration in Communication at Chatham University to hone her craft as a chef and as an educator. She has served as a Chef Instructor for multiple culinary schools, including the Monroe County Advanced Learning Center in Amory Mississippi and New England Culinary Arts Training here in Boston. Chef Tiara never backs down from a challenge, and as the Chef De Partie for National Geographic she honed her skills in improvisation and kitchen crisis management. While her passion is teaching, she is also a skilled administrator and served as the Academic Program Director for the Culinary Arts Program at Northeastern Technical College in Cheraw, South Carolina. Now, as the Director of Manufacturing for Commonwealth Kitchen, Chef Tiara is excited to help develop strong systems for workflow and staff support, so that clients and staff alike feel valued, appreciated, and like they have the right tools to shine.