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Pronouns: he/him

Tyler Seever
Chief Operating Officer

Tyler Seever brings over fifteen years of experience in the nonprofit sector to the CommonWealth Kitchen team. Before coming to CommonWealth Kitchen, he served as the COO at Freedom House for seven years. He also previously worked in International Development, implementing clean water systems in northern Uganda. He brings experience in grant writing, fundraising, program development, work with youth, and defining and promoting organizational goals and mission. He has also worked with the Department of Mental Health, Boston Public Schools, and NGOs in Haiti to develop and implement trauma response plans.

Before working in the nonprofit sector, Tyler worked as the COO for a restaurant group, designing restaurant concepts and bringing them to life in Colorado. Tyler’s favorite meal usually depends on where he is eating, but he’s always up for Lobstah in New England, a good steak in Omaha, Nebraska (where he grew up), bryndzové halušky if he’s in Slovakia, or pizza to make his children happy.