Barry's Hot Sauce
Barry's Hot Sauce
Barry's Hot Sauce specializes in producing small batch, all natural and flavor forward hot sauces.
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Our Story
With a glaring lack of hot sauce options available in the Irish countryside, founder Barry Shannon whipped up his first ever batch of spicy goodness simply to feed his own need for heat as a young spice lover stuck in a bland, potato-centric society. Years later, after moving across the Atlantic and landing in Boston, that passion grew into the delicious lineup of sugar free hot sauces that you see today.

The first bottle of Barry’s Hot Sauce was officially sold in May of 2019 at the Central Square Farmers Market in Cambridge, MA. Since then we’ve gone on to do countless markets, tasting, events and festivals all over New England. We went into this little venture with no real expectations other than building a nice little side hustle, but because of the support and love from all the people we have met along the way it quickly became more than that, and we have loved every second of it!

“Like most of you reading this (I assume) I've always put hot sauce on everything. So chancing my arm at making my own was just the inevitable next step. I've always had an interest in eating healthy, so I never gave a second's thought to adding sugar, sweeteners, preservatives or anything like that into my sauces. I definitely didn't set out to make a 'health conscious' hot sauce, but that's just what I threw into the blender and that's how it turned out. When friends and family kept asking for more of the stuff I figured it couldn't hurt to share it with everyone else, and now here we are!"
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Barry's Hot Sauce Products

Barry's Original Hot Sauce

This is it. Our flagship. Our maiden voyage if you will. The one that started it all. Made with fiery habaneros, roasted tomatoes and our signature blend of sweet onion, garlic and spices, this truly is a sauce by the people, for the people. To say it goes on absolutely everything is a given, but I’ll leave you with just one word. Pizza.

Barry's Jalapeno Hot Sauce

For those looking for a slightly hotter green sauce with serious flavor, this one’s for you! The delectable combination of jalapeño peppers, serrano peppers and Fuji apples makes this sauce perfect for all egg/breakfast related activities, and really just about anything that needs a certain... je ne sais quoi.

Barry's Habanero Hot Sauce

This beautiful sauce is our tribute to the humble Habanero pepper; celebrating it's sweet, fruity and floral flavor with a vibrant mix of hibiscus flower, Fuji apple and wild Maine blueberries. Enjoy on all things sweet and/or savory, or add a dash to spice up your favorite fruity libations.