Farmhouse Burger Company
Farmhouse Burger Company
Farmhouse Burger Company is a producer of Home-Style Vegetable Burgers.
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A Better Vegetable Burger

Farmhouse Burger Company got its start in 2015 after BBQ Pitmaster, Marc Mingrone, traded in Beef Brisket for Black Beans. A summer of too much meat turned him into a casual vegetarian. Disappointed with the current offerings in Restaurants and Grocery Stores, Marc was determined to make a Better Vegetable Burger.

In competitive BBQ, teams are scored on Taste, Texture, and Appearance and we used a scientific method to continuously improve our turn-ins. This same approach was then applied to making a Better Vegetable Burger.  

Our Vegetable Burgers are “Home-Style” in the sense that they are not pre-cooked, dense, hockey-pucks and they certainly aren’t made in a science lab! We use simple ingredients typically found in home kitchens. We simply Mix, Form, and Freeze for you to cook as if they were made in-house.

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  • American
  • Vegan, Vegetarian
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  • Women-owned, Asian-owned, Immigrant-owned
  • Current Kitchen Member
  • Made at CommonWealth Kitchen
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  • Frozen Product
  • Ready for food service
  • Distributed by: Associated Buyers, Sysco

Farmhouse Burger Company Products

Buffalo Chickpea

Everyone's favorite meal is now in Vegetable Burger form! Organic Chickpeas and Pearled Barley are combined with our in-house Buffalo Sauce. Keeping with tradition, diced celery is added to balance it all out.

Black Bean

The Black Bean Burger is no ordinary Bean Burger. We use premium Organic Black Beans and Super Sweet Corn to build a solid foundation. Then, a house-made Chipotle Adobo sauce is added to build flavor.

Fresh Garden

We took your average Garden Burger and amplified its taste and texture. We start with Organic Chickpeas and Pearled Barley. We then add a mirepoix of roasted vegetables like Red Bell Pepper, Carrot, Zucchini, and Celery.