Gordi Foods is a keto comfort food company, offering premade fathead keto pizza crusts so you can enjoy the popular homemade recipe, without the hassle of making it yourself!
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Finally, Delicious Keto Comfort Food

Being a mother-son duo, Zenaida Marte and her son Stefano Hernandez wanted to team up to serve the community that has helped transform their own health: the keto, low-carb community. So Stefano decided to pair his entrepreneurial experience with Zenaida's 20-year culinary experience to launch Gordi Foods, which will be the go-to Keto Comfort Food company that low-carbers will trust to offer delicious food that is still on the path for them.

We're starting that mission by offering premade fathead pizza crusts, which is a fan-favorite among the keto community for being the best keto pizza alternative but is a pain to make yourself. We are giving you the chance to skip the hassle and get right to the fun part - topping your dream pizza and indulging in the world's best (keto) comfort food.

Follow our Instagram @gordifoods to follow along our journey towards launch, and join our VIP list to get early-bird savings and deals!

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Stefano Hernandez

Zenaida Marte


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  • Women-owned, Latinx-owned, Immigrant-owned
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