Eastern Mediterranean-inspired sweet and nourishing delights made to be shared and sustain everyone gathered around the table.
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Sharing the flavors that make people feel good and live healthier.

Born and raised in Israel, Hila Krikov and her family moved thousands of miles away from home- to a place where familiar Eastern Mediterranean ingredients were near to impossible to find. In her new home in Lubbock, Texas, Hila found a new passion for her childhood flavors, as cooking and sharing Eastern Mediterranean foods and stories became the Krikov’s way to reconnect with home, share their story, and make new friends. 

When the family later moved to the Northeast, Sweet Tahini was born with the mission to introduce traditional Eastern Mediterranean delicate sweets made solely with naturally nutritious and beneficial ingredients. Tahini, a nutrient-rich paste, was chosen as center ingredient, fruit and other natural sources provide sweetness and act as energy boosters, nuts and seeds bring in healthy fats and some crunch, and native spices add an additional layer of flavor.  

At sweet tahini, we strive to share nourishing and sweet flavors that make people feel good and live healthier. In the spirit of the Middle Eastern generosity and hospitality, our date rolls and tahini chocolate fudge are made to be served in social gatherings, to be enjoyed with beer, wine, or on a cheeseboard, or as a little something sweet after a heavy meal. 

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Sweet Tahini Products

Date Roll w/Carob & Coconut

Exotic, wholesome blend of carob, shredded coconut, and sesame seeds, combined with rich tahini and dates and formed into a 9-inch round log.

Date Roll w/Fig & Nuts Price

Two of the Middle East’s superfruit—date and figs—mixed with silky tahini, walnuts, and hazelnuts bits, and then touched with a hint of orange zest.

Tahini Chocolate Fudge Bar - Arabic Coffee

Cardamom spiced coffee enveloped in a smooth blend of tahini and chocolate, and subtle sweetness of raw organic honey, and topped with tahini swirls.

Samuel Adamas Brewery chose to feature our date rolls in their latest photoshoot event, we love the concept and the result! (Photo credit to Pat Piasecki)