About CommonWealth Kitchen

We are a passionate group of entrepreneurs and visionaries who believe that  working together we can transform the food economy.

"Boston’s CommonWealth Kitchen, a non-profit food-business incubator in Dorchester, consistently helps some of the most interesting and diverse artisan food in our region make it from a pipe dream to your plate."

-Doorstep Market

Who We Are

At CommonWealth Kitchen, we believe in the power of inclusive entrepreneurship to change the worldThe business leaders that make up our network—predominantly BIPOC and women-owned enterprises—bring the passion, talent, and love for their craft. We provide some of the supports they have not traditionally had access to, like our shared kitchen and manufacturing space, specialized equipment, best practices, and valuable connections. We are coaches, mentors, and advocates for those whose power has been unrecognized. Since 2009, we’ve helped to launch more than 150 diverse food businesses, creating over 500 new permanent jobs, and generating over $65 million annually in combined gross revenue.


Can a little kitchen in Dorchester model the way to a new food economy?

We’re grateful to everyone that has recognized us for our dreams and hard work. Click on any of the logos below to learn more. 


Meet our Staff and Board

We’re chefs and cooks, educators, and finance folks. We’re a team of passionate individuals with wide-ranging skills all working towards the same goal.  


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Our Mission and Values

We have lofty goals and an incredible network to help us create a more just and equitable food economy.






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