FAQ for Perspective Members

We don’t have a magic formula, but these are things we consider when reviewing applications:

  • You have a strong entrepreneurial spirit.
  • You have an interest and willingness to learn.
  • You have a clear vision for your business.
  • You produce a product that is currently popular/has a market and you are ready to scale.
  • You produce a product or service that fits within our facility. (Generally, products that require specific machinery that we do not already have in-house or processes that take a long time to complete—like dehydrated products—are not usually a good fit for our kitchen.)
  • You have an existing customer base or clear target market
  • You have a strong personal support network (friends, family, business mentors)
  • You understand business financials and the very real risks of starting a food business.
  • You have start-up funding and Working Capital to cover 3-months of business operations (typically between $10k-$20k).
  • You understand the benefits and limitations of working in a shared space and value being part of community of entrepreneurs.
  • We prioritize businesses owned by Black, Indigenous, and people of color, and maintain our overall kitchen production community at 75% of businesses owned by BIPOC.

We believe that entrepreneurs with these qualifications, with support and access to resources, will be able to develop a strong food business with the potential to succeed and grow. 

Sounds like you? Fill out an application today!

We are open:

  • Monday – Friday: 6am-10pm
  • Weekends: 6am-4pm
  • Members have 24/7 access is to all storage.

You can find all of our pricing here

Every member pays a monthly membership fee plus an hourly charge for kitchen rental each month. Hourly rates include all equipment, workspaces, and utilities. 

Additional costs include cold, frozen, and dry storage and a refundable security deposit – $700. 

Food trucks are charged and additional fee for parking, electricity, and cleaning and inspection.

Here is a list of our current equipment. We do not have a dehydrator, ice cream machine, or pizza oven. (We often asked about these items!)

Members may be able to bring their own equipment. This is a decision made on a case-by-case basis.

While we are a bunch of animals lovers, we are bound by strict rules around what we are legally able are able to produce in our shared kitchen. We can NOT produce:

  • Food not intended for human consumption, such as makeup, soaps, and pet food
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Food for Highly Susceptible Populations such as babies (with exceptions based on process)
  • Cannabis products
  • Wholesale meat processing 

No, we offer monthly membership and you can cancel any time. We require 30 days notice to exit.


We host tours and information sessions each month where you can learn about our kitchen and what we offer. You can sign up for the next tour here. Due to COVID, right now all of our tours are virtual. 

We love teaching about what we do, but currently we are not able to host any school groups/youth programs

As a shared kitchen with 50+ members, we unfortunately are not able to be allergen-free. 

You may have up to 5 people per company working at the same time.

We are not a ghost kitchen and don’t recommend this since we operate on an hourly rental basis. Members can arrange direct-to-consumer pick-ups at the kitchen.

The business plan in the application does not need to be extensive. It can be 1-2 pages. We provide a template on the application! However, having a clear sense of your business and initial strategy is important before starting — to get support on business planning, you could reach out to SCORE Boston or take a class through the Center for Women and Enterprise.

Unfortunately, we are unable to do short-term rentals. Our member companies rely on available space to produce food for their businesses.