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Staff & Board

We’re chefs and cooks, educators and finance professionals. We’re a team of passionate individuals with wide-ranging skills all working towards the same goal.  


Executive Director

Jen Faigel

IT Manager

Abdirahman Abdulle

Senior Entrepreneurship Program Manager

Camila Achury

Facilities Manager

Paul Garberson

Production Crew Member

Jorge Matias

Account & Customer Service Associate

Evandro Monteiro

Director of Communications

Bonnie Rosenbaum

Chief Operating Officer

Tyler Seever

Director of Institutional Giving

Lee Ann Song

Director of Business Development

Misha Thomas

Board of Directors

Board Member

Jason Allen


Lori Smith Britton

Board Member

Antoinette Coakley​

Board Member

Magnolia Contreras ​

Board Member

Kara Fagan-Rayner​

Board Member

Raul Fernandez

Board Member

Lesley Delaney Hawkins

Board Member

Sheldon Lloyd​

Board Member

Helene Solomon​


Yves Nau