See What's Inside Our Shared Kitchen

Our 12,000 square foot kitchen is home to 50+ food companies, including food trucks, caterers, bakers, and consumer packaged goods companies like sauces, jams, drinks, meal kits.

Sure, we’ve got ovens big enough to perfectly cook 500 chocolate chip cookies at a time. 

BUT we also have trained chefs, food safety experts, a full program staff, and an incredible community of other entrepreneurs to cheer you on when you make a sale and cheer you up when you burn a batch. 

See how we can help your business launch and grow!

A Gym Membership for Food Businesses!

We focus on helping small food companies navigate the path from startup to business viability. 

We provide fully equipped industrial kitchens for rental on a membership basisthink of us as a gym membership for food businesses, but with a personal trainer and tons of extra support! 

CommonWealth Kitchen offers fully equipped industrial kitchen facilities for early-stage food companies to launch your business; outsourced manufacturing to help you scale, and business education and training programming to support you along your journey. 

All new businesses joining the kitchen can enroll in our 14 week Ready to Launch program to get the specific training you need to get your business up and running.  After Ready to Launch is completed and businesses have been permitted, members receive additional support to grow, such as production improvements, pitching, finding new distribution channels, hiring staff, and more.

This model is ideal for food start-ups, enabling entrepreneurs to launch a business without having to invest thousands of dollars in upfront costs to build out a kitchen and scalable as their business grows! 

Equipment and Pricing

Having the right equipment is key to launching and growing your business. We have everything from convection ovens to blast chillers, plus onsite help to show you how to use them! 


Main Kitchen

We have two main kitchen areas (normally four, reduced during COVID), equipped with an oven, blast chiller, prep refrigerator, hand wash sinks, 2-bay wash sinks, large mixers (60 quart).  We also have  a kettle and grill on one side and a  fryer and large baxter on the other side.

Isolation Room

Next to the main kitchen, we have our isolation room which has some environmental controls like air conditioning and a dehumidifier, especially useful for our bakers. This room is also equipped with small kettles and a dough sheeter.  

Cold Room

This room is perfect for cold chain manufacturing or packaging. Our cold beverage companies love this room! We also wash and prep our vegetables here for our farmer value-added work.

Storage and Shipping & Receiving Services

We provide onsite storage for your ingredients and finished product as well as shipping and receiving support for your deliveries.  We have 3,000 sq ft of space for dry storage for ingredients, packaging, and cookware, 2,000 sq ft of walk-in cold storage 1,300 sq ft frozen storage. You can see rental costs here


Special features

Just for Food Trucks

We offer the following amenities to make operating a mobile restaurant a little easier:

  • Food truck parking with overnight plug-in
  • Food truck-height loading dock
  • Pressure washer for clean-out
  • Water hookup and drain for filling and draining graywater tank