Our Unique Approach

At CommonWealth Kitchen, we believe in the power of inclusive entrepreneurship to change the world. In fact, we prove every day what is possible when we remove barriers and level the playing field: talented, passionate entrepreneurs prosper and move society to be more equitable and just.

We open doors when they are closed; make connections when they are inaccessible; and expand the table when it is full. This is the work of fixing a broken system from its foundation.

Theory of Change

We are reimagining our economy as a partnership, where profit is earned, all people are valued, and everyone has access to resources and the opportunities they deserve.


What comes out of our kitchen is more than jars of sauce or catering for a big event. 

We exist to create a transformed food system that shares power and increases individual and community wealth and well-being, especially for people who have been impacted by racial, social, and economic inequality. 


We don’t do anything alone. Our partners allow us to maximize our reach and our impact in a way that centers equity in all of its forms.