Kevin Doherty

Director of Manufacturing | Pronouns: he/him

Meet Kevin

Kevin is a Boston-born chef who began his career in the French Quarter of New Orleans, before moving into roles in culinary Production Development and Commissary operations. In those roles, he has created products for many companies such as Baker’s Best Catering, Starbucks, Clover Food Lab, The Works Bakery Cafe chain, and LiveNation. 

Kevin attended Massachusetts College of Art and Design and is an avid artist and musician, when not he’s not cooking. He supports Sustainability initiatives, food waste, and packaging waste reduction, small family farmers, and organizations such as Farm Aid.

His love of food began with French cuisine and a French Canadian grandmother, that got him in the kitchen at a young age (which eventually lead to many years in the French Quarter or New Orleans and partnerships in two French Restaurants.)

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Favorite Food

Choosing just one favorite is impossible for this chef. Kevin loves Central American food-papusas, mole, empanadas, tamales-you name it.