Boston Chai Party, LLC
Boston Chai Party, LLC
Boston chai masala is the freshly ground mixture of cinnamon, cardamom, fennel, cloves, dried ginger, star anise, and black pepper - the secret to making your chai the proper one. And we have taken care of mixing it for you in the right ratio, so that you can just go ahead and enjoy your chai as soon as you desire it.
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Chai is a soothing flavorful concoction of black tea leaves, masala or spices, water, milk, sweetener, and ginger. Through highs and lows, chai has always been there for us.

Two first-generation immigrants who grew up drinking and loving chai met and decided to share their love with all their friends in their new home!

We started out hosting chai parties for friends, families, and small businesses. In doing that we realized there was a lack of quality ingredients paired with the right techniques. So, we sought to get people the best ingredients and show them how to make their OWN chai!

Ethically Sourced

We source our tea leaves from a carefully chosen tea farm in Assam, India to ensure quality and fair trade practices. Right from withering, rolling, fermenting, drying, to sorting, we love learning about tea-processing at the Amgoori Gardens in India.

Small Batch

Our masala is ground every week to ensure freshness.

Socially responsible

We've been supporting a school for special needs kids in India since 2015 as well as donating to local causes in Boston and India. We bring our personal experience and authenticity to every cup of chai we sell. Your support helps us create a change towards bringing real chai from India to America.

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