We’re cooks, environmentalists, and storytellers building a better food future. Join us. Expect more flavor. Savor every bite. Get $ to your farmers.
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A quiet, radical environmental act

We want you to dream about vegetables.

Why? If we serve you unforgettable vegetables and you start dreaming about them, together we make the world a better place.

The meat industry is the #3 contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

I read that in 2007.

12 months later I opened Clover with a food truck as a sort of “lab” to test ideas and “invent” a new approach to food with your help.

Day 1 we had one question: is this so delicious you’ll dream about it?

Everything we are today, every single recipe, everything we do, has been developed with help from our customers.

Join us:

(1) Talk to us honestly about your meal

(2) Tell your friends about Clover!

(3) Bring us your recipes! Our Food Development Meetings are open to the public.

You can learn more about our origins, our food, our mistakes, and everything else about us on our website - cloverfoodlab.com

Thanks for joining us!

Ayr Muir

Founder and CEO

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Clover Food Lab Products

The Green Fritter

The fritter itself is a single large patty instead of the traditional 5 falafel balls, and when you bite through the crispy crust, the interior is a beautiful bright green because it’s packed with kale and even more herbs. 

Sharan sandwich

We spread a thick layer of Manchurian spread on the pita. We batter and fry fall cauliflower (very hard to find locally but we can usually get our hands on some), make a Napa cabbage slaw with fresh local cabbage. There’s a really fun topping too: rice noodles that we toss into the fryer so they get all puffed up.

Zucchini Sandwich

Our Zucchini Sandwich is pretty unique in that we keep the zuccs raw, which delivers crisp straight-from-the-farm freshness. We make a salad with thinly sliced zucchini, sweet corn from Verrill Farm, and bright shiso. There’s a thick slathering of creamy basil mayo (!!!) Then fried glazed tofu made from Maine-grown soybeans by Heiwa Tofu—a pretty amazing small business up in Rockport (think handcrafted, non-GMO, organic) which Ayr visited a few years ago. Clover hasn’t looked back since.