We believe wholesome food changes lives. EatWell creates tasty meal kits so that making dinner is quick, simple, and enjoyable.
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Wholesome Food Changes Lives

Proper nutrition is the cornerstone of a healthy life. In fact, many of the chronic conditions millions of Americans experience each year--like diabetes and heart disease--can be prevented by simply maintaining a healthy diet.

But eating healthy is not so easy: healthy food can be expensive and difficult to access, many people may not know how to cook or incorporate healthy ingredients, and cooking a delicious meal from scratch can be time-consuming.

EatWell meal kits were designed to address these challenges and to help you make dinner easy, for better health and a better life.

Inside the box

In your meal kit, you’ll find all the fresh ingredients you need, in just the right amounts, to make a tasty meal with big flavors.

Out of the box

Just grab the recipe card and follow the steps. Our easy recipes will have you cooking out of the box in 30 minutes.

Check the box

At the end of a busy day, rely on EatWell for a home-cooked dinner everyone will love. It’s never been more satisfying to check that box and call it done...and delicious!

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EatWell Meal Kits Products

Vegetarian Chili

Colorful and delicious, this vegetarian chili is a vibrant mix of herbs, veggies and squash, featuring hearty, protein-rich beans.

Chicken Pot Pie

A snappy twist on an old favorite, our chicken pot pie is a bright mix of flavors in a decadent sauce your whole family will love.

Traditional Korean Dish

A Korean dish beloved for centuries, this cheerful mix is perfect simplicity. A mouth-watering mix of crisp vegetables and zesty rice. Add hot peppers for some excitement!