Hapi African Gourmet is on a mission to help mainstream African-style foods in the United States. The company currently produces peanut and sunflower sauces that are great pairings for many items in any food pantry. They are very versatile sauces that would make any culinary creation taste better. There are also three spice blends now available on the market: AZA’A, AJOU and AZI’I. They are made with spices, fruits, and seeds sustainably harvested from the deep forests of Cameroon. Frozen meals are coming very soon. Our products are offered online and through farmers markets, stores, and institutional food service.
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Hapi African Gourmet is a manufacturing and wholesale food business. Founder and CEO, Paulette Ngachoko, is a native of Cameroon who came to the United States after spending years fighting for democracy and human rights. Paulette’s work in institutional reforms and sustainable development was instrumental in her decision to launch her own company.

The underlying driving force for Paulette was to show people that there are so many good things in and from Africa. Getting people to enjoy African cuisine would help them adjust their perception of the continent. Introducing a line of African food products would help represent a different and better image of Africa.

That is how she decided to launch Hapi African Gourmet to bring a taste of Africa to every kitchen table in America and the rest of the world. Her creamy peanut sauce was the first product to be introduced to the market because when she arrived in the United States in 1997, she found it strange that some people ate rice with no sauce at all or with butter.

The company’s full line of products currently includes sauces, spices blends and frozen meals.
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Hapi African Gourmet Products

African Peanut Sauce

Frozen Meals

Spice Blends

Seasonings made with a blend of spices sustainably harvested from the forests of Cameroon. This sun kissed fruits and seeds of nature bring exquisite flavors to any dish, a delicious complement to vegetables, seafood meats, and poultry.