House Of Seven Cafe
House Of Seven Cafe
Explore House of Seven and immerse yourself in the symphony of flavors, health, and inclusivity. Join us on this culinary voyage that bridges indulgence and nourishment in perfect harmony.
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How We Got Started

With over a decade of experience as a dedicated cafe manager, the concept of House of Seven was born. Drawing from my background, we created a space where taste and holistic wellness converge. Infusing medicinal coffee into cafe beverages and serving alkaline water became our hallmark, creating a nourishing experience. Our signature, including vegan and gluten-free cheesecakes, celebrates inclusivity without compromising on taste. House of Seven is more than a culinary haven; it's a culmination of my journey, offering flavor-filled, holistic harmony in every bite.


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Tamicka Brown



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The Details
About House Of Seven Cafe
  • Black-owned, Women-owned
  • Current Kitchen Member
  • Made at CommonWealth Kitchen

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Three tier wedding cake

Vanilla Cheesecake