La Pheegan Chef/Sassy Jack Chick'n
La Pheegan Chef/Sassy Jack Chick'n
"La Pheegan Chef " offers Chef inspired America Fusion + Plant Based food for catering, retail, wholesale and pop-ups. Family owned and operated, the head Chef and owner Charlie Lumpkins, prepares each meal with love you can taste in every bite. Charlie also operates a wholesale business selling her delicious jackfruit wings under "Sassy Jack Chick'n."
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Notes from the Chef

Charlie Lumpkins, Chef Owner of L. A Family Group LLC, is a local food enthusiasts, culinary artist and creator of her infamous "Sassy Jack Chick'n Wings" jackfruit drumsticks (sold through wholesale). Under her culinary trade name, La Pheegan Chef, promotes her message of love through the soulful, vibrant food she creates. Our company was founded on the beliefs in the universal language of food and its revolutionary power to level boundaries around language, background and beliefs. The warm, nostalgic feeling we get from sharing a delicious meal is one we all can tap into. The sharing of food creates spaces for people to come together and build on those nostalgic memories with new experiences. Our food offerings are carefully curated to excite your senses and curiosity. Whether its our signature chicken like plant-based drumsticks or incredibly creamy plant-based macaroni and cheese, you will find the unimaginable possible and delicious.

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Lacharla "Charlie" Lumpkins



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  • American, Soul/BBQ, Fusion
  • Vegan, Vegetarian
About La Pheegan Chef/Sassy Jack Chick'n
  • Black-owned, Women-owned
  • Current Kitchen Member
  • Made at CommonWealth Kitchen
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  • Frozen Product

La Pheegan Chef/Sassy Jack Chick'n Products

Sassy Jack Chick'n Wings

Crispy Fried Jackfruit wings with a root vegetable bone. Fully cooked and packed Frozen

La Pheegan Catering

A prime example of La Pheegan vegan catering offerings.