Manman Myrthe's Pantry
Manman Myrthe's Pantry
Our products are made with our great grandmothers’ secret recipes with natural fruit sweetener that is low glycemic with a touch of alcohol for fun.
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Our Story

I name the company my grandmother’s name because she was a natural medicine healer in Haiti. Grandma Myrthé uses herbs, plants and even insects to heal others. My husband is diabetic, I use my grandmother’s magic of nature to make these products that my husband can enjoy without worrying about his glycemic index. I wanted to incorporate the knowledge my Grandma left me into my daily life. I also wanted to share one aspect of Haiti's vast culinary and health contribution to my life to the world, and so I started this company for that reason.

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Nathalie Barege


196 Quincy Street

Dorchester, Massachusetts 02121



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  • Carribean
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack, Dessert
About Manman Myrthe's Pantry
  • Black-owned, Women-owned
  • Current Kitchen Member
  • Made at CommonWealth Kitchen
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  • Shelf-stable Product
  • Food service in development

Manman Myrthe's Pantry Products

Blueberry Bourbon Preserve

Bold flavor with natural sweetness.

Grapefruit Grand-Mariner Spread

Sweet and tangy, can be used on toast or a pork chop. This spread has a strong grapefruit flavor but not too bitter.

Mango-Pineapple Rum Spread

The taste of the Caribbean island on a spoon. Can be used as a marinade for seafood. The possibilities are endless with this mild but not-so-subtle flavor.