Indulge in a delectable array of handcrafted ice creams that blend rich flavors and imaginative twists, creating a truly delightful frozen treat experience.
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Who is Ravenous?

Ravenous Ice Cream was created by me, Jackie Gochenouer (aka the Dairy Fairy). I’ve been in the culinary & restaurant industry for 15 years. In my work as well as in my personal life, I am always searching for delicious new foods and flavor combinations. Tamarind? Love it. Stinky tofu? Not so much. But you bet I'll try it again in a year or two!

Making ice cream started as a fun covid project for friends & family, and soon snowballed into a high-demand operation - my husband and I were delivering an adventurous new flavor every month to friends of friends of friends all over greater Boston. The project was put on hold once normal life and regular working hours resumed, but now I've decided to take the leap and give Ravenous Ice Cream my full attention! The mission of Ravenous Ice Cream is to bring the best of my culinary escapades and fuse them with everyone’s favorite treat, creating unique, delicious, and sometimes surprising flavors.

I sincerely hope that you discover something new as we travel this creamy, dreamy road together.

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  • Women-owned, Asian-owned
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Ravenous Ice Cream Products

Apricot Coriander Ice Cream

Fragrant, toasted ground coriander is infused into our base made from local heavy cream, then we add a jammy apricot swirl for a tart-sweet pop of fruitiness.

Matcha Chip Ice Cream

Roasty, herbaceous matcha tea base, with a perfectly balanced amount of mini chocolate chips in every bite.

Banana Black Sesame Ice Cream

Fresh cream infused with ambrosial banana puree, and swirled with the most sultry and nutty black sesame paste.