SUG SUG is the only Virgin Islands bakery in the Boston area using native recipes and tropical ingredients.
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One Bite to the Virgin Islands

My earliest memories of baking involve making brownies in my easy bake oven while my mother made dinner- possibly curry chicken, rice & peas, and plantain. I’ve always been intrigued with baking and experimenting, taking simple ingredients and transforming them into something delicious. Oftentimes, people suggested I should open a bakery however I’ve always dismissed the thought due to the vast amount of bakeries already in the market. It wasn’t until a year and a half ago that it all clicked. As a native to the US Virgin Islands and a daughter of native VI islanders - I’ve always had a strong sense of pride in my culture- the carnivals, the beautiful beaches, the music, and more importantly the food. As an ode, to my mother Donna Brooks-Allen, who passed away four years ago from metastatic breast cancer and an ode to my home, St. Thomas, USVI- SUG SUG was born to pay tribute to my ancestors, to share my culture, and to pass on a legacy to my daughter, Tamya. 


Proudly Owned by

Tyrishma Allen


17 Nottingham Street

Boston, Massachusetts 2121



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  • Carribean
  • Vegetarian
  • Snack, Dessert
  • Black-owned, Women-owned
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SUG SUG Products

Whole Coconut Tart 

9" tart with coconut filling

Whole Guava Tart 

9" tart with guava filling

Whole Pineapple Tart

9" tart with pineapple filling