Think of us a gym membership for your food business.  You pay  a monthly membership fee and rent the kitchen as you needed. 

CommonWealth Kitchen provides state of the art equipment, knowledgeable staff (who can help you test your recipies, train you on the equipment, get your health permits, and adivise you as your business grows), professional cleaning services,  workspaces and wifi. 

Most importantly, we provide business and techncal support plus the connections you need to succeed.

Incubation Stage


Start-up Stage

$300/month membership fee, includes 50 hours of kitchen time and $60 membership fee

Scaling Stage

$60/month membership fee, 5 hour minimum rental

Growth Stage

$75/month membership fee, 10 hour minimum rental

Additional fees


Cage: $65/month
Pallet: lower $70/month, upper $60/month
Speed Rack: $32.50
Single Shelf: $22


Refrigerated Storage

Cage: $97.50/month
Pallet: lower $102.50/month, upper $92.50/month
Speed Rack: $49
Single Shelf: 32.50


Cage: $113.75/month
Pallet: lower $118.75/month, upper $108.75/month
Speed Rack: $57
Single Shelf: $38


$200/month all inclusive Food Truck fee (includes parking, electrical, and access to dishwashing in shared kitchen)

We cover the hidden costs of running a commercial kitchen

  • Equipment and repairs
  • Insurance
  • Pest control
  • Garbage/Recycling/Composting 
  • Janitorial services including a daily deep clean
  • Utilities
  • Basic equipment: sanitizer and soap, appropriate soap/sanitizer buckets, spray bottles, hairnets, disposable towels, green scrubbies, trash/recycling/compost services, cutting boards, some large pots and pan