Ruby Chan is the founder of FreshZen Foods. FreshZen Foods is a premium, plant-based Asian food company serving the food service and retail markets. We make gluten-free, vegan,  Asian hot sauce and pestos in Dorchester, MA. FreshZen products were developed to provide an innovative twist to traditional Asian recipes for people who want great taste and clean-eating recipes.
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Our Story

Growing up in New York City’s Chinatown as the daughter of Chinese immigrants who opened up their own restaurant, I was surrounded by fresh, authentic, and healthy Chinese food, and most importantly the belief that the food we eat can heal our bodies. In my family’s Chinese restaurant where I worked, customers would come in and ask if they could buy our sauces in bulk. This became such a common request that one day I told my parents, “I think we need to sell our sauce in stores!” However, with the craze of owning a restaurant, the idea was never pursued.

Fast forward 20 years as a career mom of four beautiful children, I wanted to prepare tasty and nutritious meals for my family but had very limited time. So, I drew from my family roots and recipes from my parents’ restaurant and started making healthy herb and plant based sauces. I found my zen in knowing that when I came home from a busy day at the office, I had an easy and yummy sauce I could throw on any meal for a kick of bold and zesty flavor. Everything came full circle for me one night at the dinner table when my daughter said, “Mom, I think you need to quit your job and sell sauce!”

Thanks to the encouragement from my daughter, in 2016 I decided to pursue this lifelong dream. FreshZen Foods was born, and so was the option for quick, healthy, tasty, and zen meals.

With love,

Ruby Chan

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FreshZen Foods Products

Ginger Scallion Sauce

Savory, rich in flavor, and oh-so-satisfying. Our Classic Ginger Scallion pesto dates back centuries in Chinese cooking. Whether you want to add flavor to fish, poultry, meat, noodles, eggs, or veggies, our Ginger Scallion sauce can do it.

Chilli Garlic Hot Sauce

Fire up your taste buds. The sweet caramelization of slow-roasted onion and garlic mixed with our sun-ripened Thai chilies makes this Clean Asian hot sauce a savory pantry classic with endless possibilities. Try spreading it on sliced chicken, tofu, pork, beef, sandwiches, burgers, or add it to noodles. You’ll want to put it on everything.

Gift Box (3)

Can't decide which freshZen Products to buy? Our gift pack contains one Classic Ginger Scallion pesto, one Ginger Scallion with Roasted Garlic pestos, and one of our recently launched brand new Chilli Garlic hot sauce. 

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FreshZen Foods: A Fresh Asian Pesto

While Chinese cuisine continues to be persecuted with misconceptions of health concerns and fake ingredients, there are people dispelling this bad reputation. Ruby Chan, founder and CEO of FreshZen Foods is at the frontline in presenting the true essence of Asian cuisine: authentic, fresh, and healthy. New York native Chan grew up in Chinatown, NYC where her parents owned a restaurant.

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