Exodus Bagels

Exodus Bagels only sells on Saturday at the Egleston Farmer's Market. Fifteen minutes before the market starts, the line starts to form. By the time the market opens at 10am, there are throngs of people, peering around one another to get a good look at the day's menu. Will it be the "Hartt" with Roasted beets, apple chutney, argula, and carrot-ginger cream cheese, or a simple yet delicious bagel and cream cheese?

There's something special about Exodus Bagels: Is it the friendly, genuine, and smiley owners Adam Hirsh and Pricilla Andrade? Is it their adorable son who yells your name when the order is ready? The freshly pickled vegetables? The occasional local fish pate? The staff's amazing bagel shaping technique? Or just the seriously perfect bagels? Who knows? Get there and find out.

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